How Much Water Should We Be Drinking?

Hydration Summer Series – Week 1

I think it is safe to say, we have all heard that we should drink 8 glasses of water a day (64 ounces) or we should drink a half ounce to an ounce of water per body pound each day. BUT is that correct for all of us?  Think about our daily CrossFit routine and living in the South where the heat and humidity sucks every drop of water out from our bodies. Drinking your bodyweight in ounces is not an easy task.  Let’s try to make it easier and break a good portion of the water into 3 steps.


Step 1:  Drink 1-2 cups of water at each meal. (minimum 3 meals per day) (Did you know that we can get water from certain foods too?  Another topic for another day)

Step 2:  Drink 2-4 cups of water during workouts

Step 3: Drink 2-4 cups of water after your workouts


Let’s use an example of a strapping 5’7″ish CrossFit Movement specialist:  weighing 202lbs, that is 101 – 202 ounces (25 cups) of water a day that is suggested. Assuming the max amount of water is consumed per the above step (14 cups),  this would leave 11 cups of water to drink the rest of the day.  It is much easier to maintain that number!  Be aware of what you drink at the gym.

Example:  I know I drink more than 4 cups during our workouts (I take allot of breaks), definitely more immediately after our workouts(I sweat a ton), and while I’m coaching classes (I am still sweating).  This allows me to not stress about carrying a big gallon jug trying to drink every drop by a certain time.  Small Increments is better!

We don’t have to be perfect, as long as we make an effort! If we strive for that half ounce to an ounce range we should be good.  In my time as a Marine, I have not only witnessed but I have experienced dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and I’m certain on a few occasions close to having a heat stroke.  It was not fun experience and we want to protect our BLCF Community.  So let’s, as a community,  hold each other accountable and ask everyone if they’ve been drinking water, offer cool towels, and of course freezer pops!


Stay Hydrated,

Coach Martin

Next week we will discuss the importance of electrolytes!

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