WORKOUT WHILE YOU WAIT! BridgeLakes CrossFit is conveniently located in Cypress near Highway 290 and serves communities such as Blackhorse Ranch, Bridgeland, Town Lake, Cypress Creek Lakes, and surrounding neighborhoods. Located in a predominately child driven sports complex, we felt compelled to bring health and fitness to adults. While your child/children are swimming, doing gymnastics or playing soccer, you too can workout and set the example by walking over to our facility and learn what it is to be fit. Squatting, climbing, throwing, jumping and lifting are just a few of the components in life you do on the daily…you just don’t realize it. CrossFit provides you with real life movements, sometimes with a little weight added to it, that you are already doing. We just want to show you a better and safer way to do them and in the meantime, a little exercise tool!