What is the importance of meal planning and prepping?

You are busy.  Busy leads to convenience.  Convenience leads to reaching for the nearest “fast” foods.  What happens if we take some time out of our week to meal plan and then a bit of time on Sunday’s to meal prep?  Positive ripple effect. 

Meal planning helps save time, save money, reduce food waste, ensures you’re eating a variety of the right foods and in correct portions.  Choosing the right foods can help guide and reduce the risk of chronic lifestyle diseases. 

We will touch on many of these individually, but at BridgeLakes CrossFit, we are here to help guide you on your nutrition journey alongside fitness.  You are not alone; your overall wellness is what we will strive to achieve together.

Did you know that you have many resources within your own BLCF community?  For this series, our very own Dr. Tamika Jaswani, MD; whom has her specialty in gastroenterology, has put together a video series discussing meal prep, shopping and what are your choices when it comes to monitoring your successes.

Let’s get started!

Meal Prep Series Introduction

Are you a Calorie Counter or Macro Counter? – Part Uno

Are you a Calorie Counter or Macro Counter? – Part Dos

Kitchen Prep

Let’s Go Shopping!