Box Rules
  • Show Up. Check In. WORK HARD every TIME
  • Check your EGO at the door!
  • Never DOUBT yourself ! 15 Burpee penalty if you even mention CAN’T
  • BE NICE. Introduce yourself to new members.
  • Remember the GOLDEN RULE. Do onto others, as you would want done to you
  • This is a BITCH-FREE zone. Please leave your drama, baggage and bad mood outside
  • Let the COACH…COACH. Ask for help if you are not sure.
  • There will be sweating, profanity, grunting, bleeding and even flatulence. GET USED TO IT!
  • Have some INTEGRITY! Cutting Reps is NOT a “scaling option”, it’s called CHEATING. Count every rep. Be honest with your fellow athletes and yourself. Don’t be surprised if a coach NO REPS you.
  • You are responsible for your own safety. Be aware of what is going on around you and your own body. Push yourself, but not to an unsafe level.
  • Clean up after YOURSELF! This includes: equipment, bottles, chalk dust, DNA.
  • If you appear to be OVER-TRAINED or UNDER THE WEATHER, the coaching staff has the right to send you home.
  • ALWAYS log your results. Progress is important!
  • MUSIC will be LOUD and sometimes OFFENSIVE…we won’t always be politically correct.
  • TREAT YOUR EQUIPMENT with RESPECT. Do not drop dumbbells, kettlebells or empty barbells unless bodily harm is eminent.
  • Most important is HAVE FUN and push yourself to be a better you!